What kind of designer I am

I'm a human centred designer. Whether going across a service or diving deep into an experience, I approach opportunities with humility and curiosity. Not many disciplines give you the chance to hunt down a problem, play with possible solutions and test them for genuine impact in people's lives. That is what makes design so rewarding and fun.

As a service designer, I have worked for the NSW Department of Education, AMP Financial Services and University of New South Wales. As a UX designer, I have delivered end to end projects for the Australian Film, Television and Radio School and carried out user testing in banking. For more information on my industry work, please email me for a copy of my full portfolio.

I have also facilitated design workshops at UTS: Startups, part of the Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creative Intelligence Unit. This involved teaching and offering feedback on the design thinking process and agile-style management especially interviewing, ideation techniques and the user testing process to help students address real world problems. I also have experience interviewing out in the field as a part of a new socially-focussed start up I co-founded with a friend.

What kind of designer I am not.

If you're looking for a unicorn, keep skipping 🦄. My focus is on creating designs that provide sustainable value to customers and organisations. I want to know as much about delivery as possible to inform a successful implementation, but I'm not trying to be a programmer. I would rather concentrate on improving my ability to bring various disciplines together than try and be a jack of all trades.

My Design Process

I adapt my process to the project at hand. One of my top priorities is enabling team members and stakeholders to get on the same page. But roughly, I follow four stages: Framing the problem, Understanding the problem landscape, Ideation and development and Delivery. I work transparently, visually and iteratively. I like keeping everyone in the loop and creating safe environments for impactful collaboration. The techniques I employ are selected and tailored for the project goals. But get in touch if you'd like to see examples of journey maps, customer insights, personas, concept posters, paper prototypes or clickable prototypes.

Inside baseball: my favourite prototyping platform is AxureRP and I design visuals in Adobe CC. But I like keeping up with the other software that's out there and can get up to speed pretty quickly with the different ways clients like to work.

When I'm not designing

I'm probably watching a comedy show, falling over on a yoga mat or eating dumplings.